Places to Have Sex

205 Places to Have Sex | 💕

Looking to spice up your relationship? Get intimate in new ways? Improve your sex life? What about new positions, situations or places? If you and your partner are looking for something exciting, check out this collection of ideas for places to have sex.

From romantic and sensual to sexually liberating, this list of places to have sex has something that will excite you and your partner.

  1. In a bounce house.
  2. On your back porch.
  3. On a pier at the beach with the waves crashing under you
  4. In the middle of a basketball court under the stars.
  5. In the pool on a floatie.
  6. In a convertible.
  7. In a hummer.
  8. On your couch at home.
  9. In the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas.
  10. On a tropical beach.
  11. In the honeymoon suite of a hotel.
  12. On the balcony of your cruise ship stateroom.
  13. On a mountain peak with cloud mist surrounding you.
  14. In a kayak on a river.
  15. Up against a wall in your house.
  16. In a classroom on a desk.
  17. In your closet.
  18. In front of your web cam.
  19. On a ping pong table.
  20. In the stairwell of your office building.
  21. In a nightclub - either in the restroom or a secluded area of the club.