Places to Have Sex
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Looking to spice up your relationship? Get intimate in new ways? Improve your sex life? What about new positions, situations or places? If you and your partner are looking for something exciting, check out this collection of ideas for places to have sex.

From romantic and sensual to sexually liberating, this list of places to have sex has something that will excite you and your partner.

  1. In a lounge chair in your backyard.
  2. In the middle of a group of bushes at a park.
  3. On a bicycle.
  4. On a riding lawn mower.
  5. In an RV during a road trip.
  6. In a go cart.
  7. In the restroom of a moving train.
  8. In the restroom of a moving greyhound bus.
  9. In an airport lounge.
  10. During a helicopter ride.
  11. In a private jet.
  12. Under a blanket during a romantic carriage ride.
  13. On a golf cart.
  14. On a mini golf (putt putt) course.
  15. In a deserted area of a zoo - get wild like the animals
  16. On the field in the middle of a stadium at night.
  17. In the snow.
  18. In an igloo or snow cave.
  19. On your counter top - one of you sitting on it, the other standing.
  20. Under a sprinkler in your yard.
  21. In a deserted top row of a concert hall during a concert.