Makeout Games

These kissing games for couples and parties will create a HOT evening with your sweetie or a group of friends! - #RomanceStuck

    2 Minute Temptations (2 Minutes in the Closet)

  • Start off with an even number of guys and girls. The guys move off into separate closets in different sections of the house (the girls don't know which person is in which closet). After the guys are situated, hidden in the closets, the girls each pick a different closet and walk into it, without knowing which guy is in there. For 2 minutes, anything goes, anything they want, and no holding back. After the 2 minutes are up, the couples come out of the closets and find out who shared closet time with them.
  • 60 Seconds in Heaven

  • You will need red lipstick and a timer for this. Two people are sent into a closet for 60 seconds. One of them should slather their lips with the red lipstick. Then they rush to kiss the other person as many times as possible on any area of exposed skin (face, neck, arms, etc.), leaving one lip print for each kiss. When the 60 seconds are up, their friends open the closet and count how many lip prints are on the receiving partner. Each pair takes turns going into the closet. The pair that left the most lip prints wins.
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven

  • Select 2 people any way that you want: random drawing of names, rolling dice, etc. (get creative) and then those 2 people spend 7 minutes together in the dark. After every 7 minutes, select 2 more people.
  • 7/11 Minutes in Heaven

  • Pick two choosers. These people must know the contestants well. They pick two people to go into a closet. The couple must hug, kiss each other on the cheek, and then kiss on the lips. The first person to complete the task wins. Everyone must participate at least once and others may be picked twice.
  • Animal Instincts

  • Get a group of guys and girls together in guy/girl/guy/girl order. Get a stuffed animal (preferably one that looks like a real person). Pass the stuffed animal around, with each person kissing a part of the animal (no part can be repeated). After the animal has been kissed and passed around the entire circle, everyone must kiss the person to their left in the same spot and way that they did to the stuffed animal. If a person fails to repeat their stuffed animal kiss, then they have to either quit the game or give someone a hickey!
  • Animal Kisses

  • This is played with 4+ people. Everyone chooses a partner. Then each person thinks of an animal and writes it down on a piece of paper. Each group then has to guess their partner's animal. If they guess right, then they kiss the person who wrote down that animal. If they are wrong, the next person goes and so on.
  • Another Intimate Kiss

  • You must have an equal number of guys and girls, a judge, paper, and pencils. Every person playing the game must write on a sheet of paper where on their body they would most like to be kissed or where their most intimate kiss was located. Next, all pieces of paper go in a hat or holder of some sort. Everyone must draw a piece of paper and go around the circle reading the paper they selected. After reading the paper, the person must take one guess at who they think wrote it. If they get it right, they don't do anything and the next person goes. If they get it wrong, the person who it belongs to must come forward and the two must have a long, intimate kiss.