3 Dream Date Ideas

If you're looking for the ultimate date, check out these dream date ideas submitted by our readers. These dates are generally more involved, but can also be incredibly romantic. No matter what date you choose, remember that romance is in the details!

  1. Recreate your Prom

    Whether the two of you were high school sweethearts that went to prom together or not doesn't really matter. ;) Step back in time and pretend that you were starry-eyed so-in-love kids and recreate your prom in your living room! Ahead of time, put together a playlist full of love songs from each of your high school years. Then on your special night, dress the part with snazzy tuxes and dresses, then dance the night away. And the best part -- no curfew -- so turn up the heat and enjoy the 'after prom' party.
  2. Dream Build

    This is a game involving your imagination, where you pretend that you have unlimited funds and spend the afternoon deciding what you want to do with it. For example, go to open houses or on a house tour and choose your dream home. Go car shopping at the Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes dealership and take a test drive. Get fancied up and browse through Sax Fifth Avenue. When you're done, treat yourselves out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. You'll have a blast!
  3. Furniture Shopping

    Go to a furniture store and try out the recliners, beds, ect. Have fun pretending to create your fantasy dream home together room by room. Another fun store for this dream-planning date is to visit home improvement stores and stroll through the kitchens and outdoor sections planning your dream home.
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