Horoscope Incompatibility: Clashing Love Signs

How incompatible are the 'difficult' matches?

Now that you now how you relate to the signs that you are more compatible with, what about those that with whom you are incompatible?

Though some signs are not the most compatible, that doesn't necessarily mean that a romantic relationship is impossible. These incompatible signs, though more challenging, could turn out to be the love of your life. The challenge, and possibly more conflicts, comes in that their beliefs and characteristics are different from your own. Different is the spice of life though and can create an excitement and interest that you may not find with other signs.

The more difficult or incompatible matches include:

Aries: Cancer, Capricorn
Taurus: Leo, Aquarius
Gemini: Virgo, Pisces
Cancer: Aries, Libra
Leo: Taurus, Scorpio
Virgo: Gemini, Sagittarius
Libra: Cancer, Capricorn
Scorpio: Leo, Aquarius
Sagittarius: Virgo, Pisces
Capricorn: Aries, Libra
Aquarius: Scorpio, Taurus
Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius

The two most incompatible matches for your sign are found at a 90-degree angle to your sign on the horoscope chart:

love sign compatibility chart

Many astrologers warn to not judge on sun sign alone though. Even though supposedly incompatible matches may be more difficult, that doesn't necessarily mean that a match can't be made.

For quick reference, try this: Subtract your sign's number from your current or potential partner. If the result differs by 3 or 9, then they are supposedly incompatible.

Aries = 1
Taurus = 2
Gemini = 3
Cancer = 4
Leo = 5
Virgo = 6
Libra = 7
Scorpio = 8
Sagittarius = 9
Capricorn = 10
Aquarius = 11
Pisces = 12