Give Your Man A Handjob

Give Your Man A Handjob | 💕

Whether you want to add variety to your lovemaking with your man, or you don't want to have intercourse, for whatever reason, masturbating him in as many ways possible is a great way to keep your sex life stimulating.

"Not tonight" are the words men most hate. But, there are times when you aren't in the mood. This is where giving him a handjob makes both of you happy. And if he is the kind of man who is understanding, he won't care if all you are up for is giving him a handjob.

But, make it more pleasurable for him by doing an array of variations. And, since men are visual, take your top off, sit down Indian style, have him wrap his legs around your waist so he is up close to you, and give him the best handjob he has ever had. Here are some of the best variations you can use for each time you give him a handjob:

  • Clasping Hands - Clasp your hands, as if you are praying, around his penis and masturbate him that way. This is great for people whose wrists tire easy. You can use both hands to keep the motion going. Remember to tighten the clasp of your hands during the upward strokes, and especially on the tip of his penis.
  • Foot Massager - A foot massager, like the kind found in Brookstone or Sharper Image, makes for a great little toy for the both of you. Make sure it has Vibrate (shiatsu is no good). Place it foot-side-down on or underneath his balls, while masturbating him at the same time.
  • Full Attention - Just like the name suggests, you give his whole penis your full attention. While you are masturbating him with one hand, use the other to rub the tip of his penis with the palm of your hand in a circular motion. Make sure that your hand is well lubricated.
  • Scratch & Stretch - While you are masturbating him, pull on his scrotum sack. Don't be afraid to really stretch it. It's a feeling men love. Also gently scratch it, along with gentle scratches on his inner thighs.
  • Shower - Have him stand in the shower facing the wall side and put his left leg on the shelf. Take the hand-held shower head and hold it upside down in your hand. Direct the spray towards his anus and scrotum and let the jets of water do its thing, while you masturbate him with your other hand. Every now and then don't forget to tickle his sack.
  • Silky - Use your silk sheets or a silk handkerchief to get him off. He'll love the feel of the fabric. You can also use your underwear. Heat it up in the microwave for about 60 seconds to give him a very warm feeling.

    Another thing you can use is your long hair. This is, without a doubt, a very stimulating sight for men. If you don't have long hair, you may want to try wearing a long wig. He will love it! Remember, men are VERY visual.
  • Stop & Go - Here is a great technique if he wants it to last. What you simply do is stop masturbating him just as he is about to cum. Once he is relaxed, start to masturbate him again. Repeat this process a few times or until he can no longer handle it.
  • Toothpaste - Cover his balls and penis in toothpaste. Wait about 30 seconds, or until he starts to feel a burning sensation (good sensation). Slowly start to masturbate him.

As you can see, handjobs can be very stimulating for men. He may even start to want more handjob sessions as opposed to intercourse. That could be a good thing, or a bad thing for you!

Handjob Tips

  1. Talk dirty to him. Tell him how good his penis feels in your hand and that you want to see his hot load shoot up in the air. Think of new things to say to him to get him even more excited. He does not want to hear about anything else! If you can't think of anything helpful to say, don't talk. He doesn't want to hear about how your day went while you are masturbating him!
  2. Don't sigh or give facial expressions that you are tired, or that you, HAVE, to do this. Part of what is so stimulating for him is that you are loving it also.
  3. Always remember this, if you don't know already, as he is about to cum, concentrate on the underneath tip area, since that is where most of his sensitive nerve endings are located. Don't go down all the way on his shaft anymore. Rub the tip of his penis and keep rubbing until you get out that last drop. In fact, don't stop until he lets you know. Stopping during that crucial moment of him cuming could ruin the whole thing for him.