Why Are Men Attracted To Boobs?!

Yes, they can be annoying, can't they? ... No, not your boobs, the men who constantly look at 'em.

Perhaps we are going to be telling you something you already know?

Perhaps you just don't care, and the only reason you're here is because you're bored out of your skull?

Well, now that you're here....

It really isn't all that hard to figure out why men are fascinated with your breasts. But some men, oh boy, they act like such children. it's like they have never seen 'em before.

Which brings us to the first reason why men love your boobs so much....

Researchers in the area of sexual health says that it goes back to when men were babies breastfeeding.

It seems like a no brainer, huh? But what about you ladies? ... You've breastfeed also. You aren't acting like a child with a new toy. You're not oggling at other women's breasts when you are waling down the street.

You aren't...right????

So, we're not really sure about this one. But, what the heck, we'll put it in anyway. We're bored.

Another reason, which makes more sense, is that men exaggerate over it. The buddies always talk about it. The co-workers always talk about it... It gets engrained into their brain after so much of this. Add their hormones to it (and you know how strong a man's hormones are), and he's got himself one hell of a powerful habit that is harder to lick (excuse the pun) than smoking!

Many men don't see boobs every day, so, add that to the silly exaggeration that they do.

Then you have commercialism. Now you know how so many businesses use sex to sell.

You put all this together, and there you have it...men acting like such idiots.

Hey, at least it feels good for you when they suck on your breasts.