Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas can become as romantic as Valentine's Day when it includes a marriage proposal.

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Wrap it in a large box and give it to her on Christmas. She won't be expecting a ring in it since a ring would normally be in a small box. You can fill the box with other romantic trinkets or with peanuts (the styrofoam kind) for her to search through to find the ring.
  2. Play Santa and tell her that Santa wants her to be your wife for Christmas.
  3. Put it in her Christmas stocking. You can put a candy cane through it with a, "Will you marry me?" note attached.
  4. Wrap it in boxes inside of boxes, ending with a big box with a big bow on top like in the movie, "Serendipity".
  5. Give her 5 wrapped boxes with a word in each box from, "Will you marry me?" and the ring in the last box. Make sure she opens them in the correct order!
  6. Spell out "Will you marry me?" on your roof, side of your house, or on your lawn using Christmas lights. She'll be surprised to see your decorations this year!
  7. While decorating the Christmas tree, put the ring around a glass ornament and hand it to her to hang on the tree.
  8. Many cities decorate with lights for the holiday season as well as offer carriage rides through parks, the city center, etc. Take your sweetie on a carriage ride under the holiday lights on a cold night. You'll be able to snuggle together under a warm blanket in a romantic environment when you propose.
  9. Place the ring in a small box with her name on it and hang it on a branch on the Christmas tree. Have someone act like they found it after all the other presents are opened. As she opens the box, pop the question!
  10. If you live in a warmer climate, create a magical holiday proposal with SnoWonder, which looks just like the real thing! What could be better than a snowy, romantic proposal?
  11. Go to a park or downtown area that always has a great Christmas light display. Take him or her on a horse drawn carriage ride and snuggle up under a warm blanket together. Hire a Santa ahead of time and have him stop the carriage halfway through the display (preferably in a romantic area) and ask for your sweetie's name and then tell him/her that he has a little something for them. Have him pull box after box out, each one having a small toy. Finally, after several presents, have him find the real present with an "Oh, here it is." When he hands the ring box to her, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.
  12. Have a step stool ready and ask her to put the star on the top of the tree. When she climbs up, have the ring on the limbs by the top for her to find. When she finds it, grab her hand and ask her to marry you.
  13. Hang the ring box like an ornament on the Christmas tree. After the last present has been opened, tell her there is one more surprise present for her that she needs to find on the tree. When she finds it and opens the box, be down on one knee.
  14. Take her out to look at Christmas lights around the town. As your light viewing is coming to a close, take her to the top of a hill where you have lights spelling out, "marry me?".
  15. Buy a personalized christmas ornament, such as the globe ornaments that have a saying on a piece of paper resting on some festive glitter inside. Have the message in the ornament say, "Will you marry me?" Wrap it up like you would any Christmas present and let your sweetie open it on Christmas Day. As she is opens it, you'll have plenty of time to fish that ring out of your pocket, and get on your knee to propose!
  16. On Christmas day, hang mistletoe in the doorway of your bedroom. After she's seen the mistletoe and you kiss, come back later and hang the ring in the middle of it. Then when she goes to get something, follow her and stop her under it by saying, "look at the mistletoe." When she looks up she will see it. Ask her to marry you, then share a kiss under the mistletoe again, your first as an engaged couple.
  17. If you're planning to propose this holiday season, you must get one of these! These "wishes do come true" ornaments give you one of the most romantic and creative proposal opportunities our there. The ornaments come in silver or brass and each hangs from a red-and-ivory grosgrain ribbon. The outside of the ornament is engraved with the word, "Wishes", and when the recipient opens it up, they find the words, "do come true" engraved inside. The ornament also comes with strips of paper so that you can write the words, "Will you marry me?", and include it in the ornament with the ring. Propose by putting the ring inside the ornament and handing it to her to hang on the tree. If you'd rather wait until Christmas Day, wrap it up and place it under the tree. Either way, you'll have the ornament to hang on your tree year after year to remind you of the day she said yes.
  18. I've written about the customized m&m's before, but their holiday selection is too cool to pass up! Create your own customized holiday m&m's in shades of red and green and hide them in your sweetie's stocking. You can customize the m&m's with your own choice of words (up to 8 characters per line and 2 lines per m&m). It's a truly sweet way to propose this holiday season.