Valentine's Day on a Budget

If you're on a budget this year, it doesn't mean that you have to an un-romantic Valentine's Day. With a little creativity, your expression of love can be more romantic than any store-bought gift. Here are 10 romantic Valentine's Day ideas for $10 or less.

  • Prescription for Love.
    Give her a prescription of love this Valentine's Day. Find an old pill bottle and fill it with heart-shaped candy conversation hearts. Use your printer to create a prescription label to put on the bottle with the instructions: Take 2 a day with a kiss. Refills: Unlimited.
    Cost: Conversation Hearts ($0.50/box)

  • Love Coupons.
    Give your sweetie the gift of choice with love coupons. Coupons include a romantic dinner, a massage, and more. Simply print them out with your printer and include them in a card telling your sweetie how much you love them.
    Cost: Free

  • Love Blog.
    Create a love blog through a service such as Add photos, memories, and thoughts about why you love him/her and hopes and dreams for your future together.
    Cost: Free

  • Sweet Love Cards.
    Take a different approach to the standard love letter this Valentine's Day. Buy a package of children's Valentine's cards and fill each card with loving thoughts from the heart. Stumped on what to write? Fill each card with reasons why you love him, romantic love quotes, or love poems.
    Cost: $5 or less

  • Sexy Spa Night.
    Rejuvenate your relationship and increase the intimacy with a sexy spa night. Prepare ahead of time with a sweet scented bubble bath and a candle or two. Start the evening giving each other sensual massages and then follow it up with a romantic candle-lit bubble bath for two.
    Cost: Bubble Bath ($5), Candle ($5)

  • A single red rose.
    Instead of giving her a dozen roses this year, take the time to pick out a single, perfect long-stemmed red rose. Give her a card with the rose listing all of the reasons that they two of you are perfect together.
    Cost: Rose ($5), card ($4)

  • Postmarked with Love.
    Send him a real Valentine this day, postmarked with love. You need to prepare a week ahead of time for this one by purchasing your card, plus an extra envelope. Check out our 'postmarked with love' instructions.
    Cost: Card ($4), Padded Envelope ($2), Postage ($0.39)

  • Custom Playlist.
    Is your sweetie addicted to their iPod? Create a custom playlist for them this Valentines Day! For her, put together a list of romantic love songs such as 'At Last' by Etta James or 'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers. For him, put together a sexy playlist with songs such as 'Let's Get it On' by Marvin Gaye.
    Cost: $1 per song.

  • Sexy Dessert.
    chocolate body powderIt's sexy, its sweet, and it leads to love. Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac, so splurge on the sweets this Valentine's Day. Skip the cake and instead enjoy dessert on each other. While we love the gourmet chocolate body frostings, they're over our $10 mark. To keep within budget, check out Chocoholics Gourmet Chocolate Body Powder. Think baby powder, only chocolate. It's sensual and sexy and makes for a great Valentine's Day. Plus, the added powder brush doubles as an application tool and a sensual toy.
    Cost: Chocolate Body Powder ($9.95)

  • Karaoke Fun.
    What's more romantic than a serenade? Pick a romantic song, or even your song, at and then create a karaoke recording of the song for your partner!
    Cost: Free trial, $9.95/month after that.