Sex Lines - Ways to ask women for sex

Here is a collection of lines that you can use to ask women for sex. You can also find adult lines to use on men or both sexes.

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  • Can I bury my treasure in ye, lovely lass?
  • Did ye know x marks the spot? Would ye like to unco'er my treasure?
  • Polly wants more than a cracker.
  • It's not my treasure I want to bury.
  • Ye want to blow me cannon?
  • Baby, if you and I were the last dinosaurs on earth I would be a lickolotopuss.
  • Wanna go play army? You'll be on bottom, I'll be on top and I'll blow the hell out of you.
  • How do you feel on the inside?
  • Want to gallop on my skin pony?
  • I want to go to your golf course and make a hole in one.
  • If I blow your mind, would you think in my mouth?
  • I feel a nap cumming on. ;)
  • I want to take you for a ride.
  • My banana needs to peeled.
  • I want to rock your body.
  • You make my manhood throb.
  • Let's just lie here and cuddle. *wink*
  • You be my beauty and I'll be your beast.
  • Let's hike up that skirt.
  • Nice legs. What time do they open?
  • Want to make my volcano burst?
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