Sexy Pick Up Lines

Looking to spice up your night or perhaps need a good laugh? These sexual pick up lines are XXX rated can be used on both men and women for a little extra fun. Use at your own risk though. ;)

  1. Are you into one-night stands? [NO.] Then why don't you lie down?
  2. Are you into one-night stands? [NO.] Then it's a good thing it's daytime.
  3. Do you want to go to In-and-Out for burgers or just in-and-out of me?
  4. Okay look I'm gona flip a coin & here's tha deal: heads, I get head and tails I get tail.
  5. My dick just died. Can I bury it in you?
  6. Do you want to come to my house and play Pearl Harbor? I lay down and you blow me away.
  7. If I flip a coin, what are the chances of me gettinq head?
  8. Wanna fuck?
  9. If it wasn't for you I might not touch myself at all!
  10. You wanna get a pizza and fuck? [Excuse me?] What? You dont like pizza?
  11. Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
  12. Want to play cowgirls and Indians? You bring the rope I'll bring the wetness.
  13. Wanna get a six pack and go fuck or don't you drink?!?
  14. Erections like these don't grow on trees you know.
  15. Do you know how to use a whip?
  16. If you were a tear in my eye, I wouldn't cry. [Why?] I don't like the thought of losing the one thing that would never come back the same.
  17. Wanna play Army? You be the enemy and I'll blow you away.
  18. I love every bone in my body...especially yours.
  19. If you were homework, I'd be doing you right here on my desk!
  20. If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?
  21. Want to play Army? [How do you play?] You get on all fours while I blow you.
  22. In my mind, we're going to have sex anyway, so you might as well be in the room.
  23. If you were a door, I'd bang you all night.
  24. Are you a dick, because i can see you coming!
  25. Let's play fireman. I'll be the hose and you be the fire.
  26. Would you like to take a ride on the Mangoat?
  27. Girls are sexy, guys are fine I'll be your six if you'll be my nine!
  28. I've got the FCK, all I need is U.
  29. F**K me if I'm wrong, but isn't your last name {insert any last name}?
  30. Is that a keg in your pocket? Cause I wanna tap that ass!
  31. If we were squirrels, I'd bust a nut in your hole!
  32. I lost my virginity... can I have yours?
  33. That sweater looks very becoming on you. Of course, if I was on you I'd be cuming too!
  34. Nice legs. What time do they open?
  35. Want to play army? [Why?] Because I'll let you blow the hell out of me.
  36. Why don't you sit on my lap and tell me the first thing that pops up?

The best sexy pick up lines to use on both guys and girls. -