How to French Kiss in 10 Easy Steps

By Amy Cunningham

You've kissed, but you want to take it a step further. A French kiss is a more intimate and passionate kiss that takes things to the next level. With these 10 steps, you're French kiss will be perfect.

Step 1. Look into your Partner's Eyes

In anticipation of a kiss or to initiate a kiss, start by gazing into your partners eyes. In an intimate situation, gazing into your partner's eyes sends an intimate message, letting them know that you want to get closer.

Step 2. Lean in Closer

Now that you know you're about to kiss, it's time to move in. To avoid awkwardness, move slowly. Moving in too fast can make your partner uncomfortable. As you move in, make sure that you're in a comfortable position. As you're moving in, tilt your head slightly so that your lips are lined up with your partners.

Step 3. Prepare your Lips

Relax your lips as you want them softly pressed together. You'll also want to slightly moisten your lips, so quickly run your tongue over them if you haven't prepared with lip balm.

Step 4. Move in

Close your eyes as you're about to make contact. Closed eyes make for a much more passionate kissing experience. As you begin contact, gently part your lips.

Step 5. Begin the Kiss

Gently touch your lips to theirs and get comfortable with lip to lip contact. Tentatively, slowly and lightly draw your tongue across the other person's lips.

Step 6. Body Caress

A perfect French kiss requires the use of your hands in addition to your lips. Suggestively caress your partner's body, wrap your hands around their waist and run your fingers through their hair. A sensual touch only emphasizes the passion and intimacy.

Step 7. Lick

If your partner lightly parts his or her lips, slowly explore their tongue in a light licking motion. You can also swirl your tongue along and around theirs.

Step 8. Suck

After lightly licking your partner's tongue, try lightly sucking on it, gently wrestling with it, and playfully tugging it with your tongue. A very gentle nibbling of your partner's bottom lip can add to the moment as well. Be sure not to bite though as it's the ultimate kiss killer.

Step 9. Explore

Spend a bit of time exploring other areas of your partner's mouth, such as lightly licking or gently tickling the roof of their mouth with your tongue. Another nice technique is to run your tongue along their teeth or bring your tongue out and again run it along their lips.

Step 10. End the Kiss.

Be sure not to pull away too quickly. You want to take your time and enjoy the kiss! When you do finally pull away, look your partner in the eyes again. A sensual caress after a French kiss is the perfect way to end.

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