87 Kissing Games

Do you want to spice up your party or even play a 1-on-1 game with your partner? Making out games are perfect for a fun group party (maybe you'll end up kissing your crush?) or an intimate night with your lover. Check out this complete guide with more than 85 kissing games for parties.

  1. 2 Minute Temptations (2 Minutes in the Closet)

    Start off with an even number of guys and girls. The guys move off into separate closets in different sections of the house (the girls don't know which person is in which closet). After the guys are situated, hidden in the closets, the girls each pick a different closet and walk into it, not knowing with whom they are sharing. For 2 minutes, anything goes, anything they want, and no holding back. After the two minutes are up, the couples come out of each closet and find out who shared closet time with them.
  2. 60 Seconds in Heaven

    You will need red lipstick and a timer for this. A boy and a girl are sent into a closet for 60 seconds. Either of them, slathers their lips with the red lipstick. Then they rush to kiss the other person as many times as possible on any area of exposed skin (face, neck, arms, etc.), leaving one lip print for each kiss. When the 60 seconds are up, their friends open the closet and count how many lip prints are on the receiving partner. Each pair takes turns going into the closet. The pair that left the most lip prints wins.
  3. 7/11 Minutes in Heaven (for the younger crowd)

    Pick two choosers. These people must know the contestants well. They pick a boy and a girl to go into a closet. The couple must hug, kiss each other on the cheek, and then kiss on the lips. Not many teens will attempt this, so the first person to complete the task wins. Everyone must participate at least once and others may be picked twice.
  4. Animal Instincts

    Get a group of guys and girls together in guy/girl/guy/girl order. Get a stuffed animal (preferably one that looks like a real person). Pass the stuffed animal around, with each person kissing a part of the animal (no part can be repeated). After the animal has been kissed and passed around the entire circle, everyone must kiss the person to their left in the same spot and way that they did to the stuffed animal. If the person fails to repeat their stuffed animal kiss, then they have to either quit the game or give someone a hickey!
  5. Animal Kisses

    This is played with 4+ people. Everyone chooses a partner, then each person thinks of an animal and writes it down on a piece of paper. Each group then has to guess their partner's animal. If they guess right, then they kiss the person who wrote that animal. If they are wrong, the next person goes and so on.
  6. Apple Game

    Get an apple (not a cold one). Sit guy/girl in a circle, usually only 4 people. Bite the apple so it is sticking out of your mouth, then the person next to you must take it from you using only their mouth. If the apple falls, everyone must take one bite of it. The apple gets smaller and eventually you will have to reach in to the other's mouth, with your tongue, to get what is left of the apple. When the apple is gonem simply get another one and continue. You can substitute almost any fruit for the apple.
  7. Body & Ice Kissing

    This game is for a couple and needs a timer. One person gets an ice cube and starts with it in their mouth. Using their mouth, they run the ice cube down their partner's body. Once they hit their partner's pants, they run the ice cube back up their partner. Then they finish their turn by passing the ice cube to their partner with a seductive kiss. That person must then do what was just done to them. Time how long it takes for the ice cube to melt. Then spend that much time doing what you want to each other.
  8. Body Shots

    Get an even number of guys and girls, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries, and any other topping that you'd like. Have one guy or girl lay down and another person stands above them with the whipped cream (or other topping). They can put it wherever they want (or you can set limits) and then they have to lick it off.
  9. Boom Boom

    This game is like "spin the bottle", but you don't have to kiss. While you're away, you can get as risqué as you want!
  10. Card Kisses

    Sit guy/girl in a circle. Fold a card for each person with a part of the body written on it (e.g. tounge, lips, cheek, stomach, etc). Pass out the cards and you have to kiss, lick, or suck that body part of the person next to you.
  11. Cherry Game

    Sit guy/girl in a circle. Take a cherry and start passing it from one person's mouth to the next person's mouth. Once you get through the first round, the second round is to spit the cherry to your partner and they need to catch it with their mouth.
  12. Chocolate Kisses

    This game allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth while satisfying your passionate love for your partner at the same time. First, get a bottle of hot fudge or chocolate syrup and then have your partner lay down. Take their shirt off (or pull it up) and draw an object on a part of their body with the chocolate. Now lick and kiss it off and have fun while doing it.
  13. Clothes Pin Game

    Gather a group of guys and girls. One person starts by putting a clothes pin anywhere on one of the guys/girls clothes. They must then take it off with her mouth/teeth. If they don't take it off on the first try or drops it, they must kiss that person wherever the clothes pin was on their body. The person who had the clothes pin on them then picks the person that they put the clothes pin on next.
  14. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 is supposed to be a magical romantic and relaxing place. Try to create your own 'Cloud 9' with this kissing game. All guys and girls line up shoulder to shoulder, except one. The chooser (selected from a hat) counts down the line 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. They can do this any way they want such as: every other person, just 123456789, backwards, every 3, etc. Once the person is chosen, the chooser counts the excess amount of guys. If there are 12 guys left they must make out 120 seconds (ex. 12+0=120 36+0=360). You can do whatever you want when you go into the closet, but as soon as time is up the door opens.
  15. Dice is Nice

    Get two dice and put masking tape over all the dots on both dice. One one die, write different body parts (ex: mouth, tummy, ear, thigh). One the second die, write different actions (ex: kiss, suck, touch).You take turns rolling. When it lands, you complete the action shown to the body part shown.
  16. Drawing Board

    This game only needs two people: you and your partner. Lightly draw kissing marks on your partner's body (lipstick or body paint works well for this). Then fill each of those marks with your own lips! This is especially fun with the body paints!
  17. Eyes Wide Open

    This involves one couple. Kiss your partner with your eyes open for as long as you can. The first one to blink or stop the kiss, loses.
  18. Guess Who?

    This is an intimate version of "Heads Up-7up". Gather an even number of guys and girls and stand across the room from each other, with the girls blindfolded. Each guy picks a girl, walks over, and kisses them, making sure not to let the girl know who they are. After each guy gives a girl a kiss, they line up across the room. The girls then take off their blindfolds and try to guess who kissed them. If the girl guesses correctly, the guy is out. The game continues until there is only one left.
  19. Hand Kisses

    This game is for 2 people. Pick a type of kiss for each of your five fingers. Have your partner choose one of your fingers, then give them that type of kiss.
  20. Havick

    Gather an even number of guys and girls. The guys get in one line and the girls get in another. Both teams close their eyes. The girls shuffle themselves around and the guys do the same. Each girl moves forward along with the guys coming closer, then they kiss. If you can guess who you kissed, you get to continue. If you can't, you're out.
  21. Hide-and-Go Get It

    This game is similar hide-and-go seek. All guys are on one team and all girls are on another team. While one team counts, the other team hides. When a person finds someone from the opposite sex's team, they have to go to home base and make out for two minutes. This continues until everyone is back at home base. Then, the teams switch places, and the game starts over again.
  22. Hot Like Fire

    This is a more intimate game between couples. Each couple gets an ice cube and has to melt the ice cube between each other. The first couple to melt their ice cube gets alone time together in a closet or separate room until the next ice cube is melted.
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