Symbolism of Gemstones

Discover the hidden meaning behind each gemstone with this complete guide to the symbolism of gemstones. -  #RomanceStuck

While every gemstone has a unique beauty to it as evidenced in the beautiful jewelry crafted from them, but did you know that each gemstone has a meaning behind it? It's said that each gemstone has symbolic properties and various virtues that they represent. If you're looking for a gift of jewelry, perhaps this list will help you to decide which gemstones represent the feelings and emotions that you want to exude.

The agate stone endows the wearer with calmness, courage, eloquence, health, longevity, virtue, and wealth.

The amethyst stone symbolizes deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity, and wealth.

It is believed that the aquamarine stone ensures continual happiness and constancy in love; symbolizes health, hope, and youth.

The Beryl stone symbolizes everlasting youth, happiness, and hope.

It is believed that the Boodstone endows courage, wisdom, and vitality; symbolizes audaciousness, brilliance, courage, generosity, and health.

The carbunkle stone symbolizes constancy, energy, self-confidence, and strength.

The carmelian stone Symbolizes courage, joy, friendship, and peace; believed to disperse evil thought and sorrow.

Cat's EyeCat's Eye
The Cat's Eye stone symbolizes courage, joy, friendship, and peace; believe to warm its owner of approaching danger.

The Chrysoberyl stone is said to symbolizes patience in sorrow.

Chrysolites represent disappointed love and wisdom.

Coral symbolizes attachment; believed to be an amulet against natural disasters, disease, bad luck, and jealous friends.

Crystal symbolizes purity and simplicity.

Diamonds, the most popular engagement & wedding stone, represent brilliance, constancy, excellence, innocence, invulnerable faith, joy, life, love, and purity.

Emeralds represent spring, rebirth, hope, peace, and tranquility; believe to endow its wearer with an accommodating and pleasing disposition.

It is believed that the garnet stone symbolizes constancy, faith, loyalty, and strength; believed to endow its wearer with cheerfulness and sincerity.

Hyacinth stones symbolize modesty, constancy, hope, faithfulness, and perfection; believed to endow its wearer with 'second sight'.

Jade symbolizes harmonious living, intelligence, longevity, strength, and purity; believed to endow its wearer with good luck and good health; embodies charity, wisdom, courage, justice, and modesty.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli stones symbolize ability, cheerfulness, trust, believed to bring its wearer happiness, love, and prosperity.

The Moonstone symbolizes pensiveness and intelligence; believed to bring its wearer good luck.

Onyx, despite it's dark shade, represents clearness and dignity; believed to bring its wearer marital bliss.

Opals are symbolic of confidence, happiness, hope, innocence, prayer, and tender love; believed to endow its wearer with pure thoughts and increased faithfulness.

Pearls represent beauty, faithfulness, humility, innocence, integrity, modesty, purity, refinement, wisdom, and wealth.

It's said that peridot symbolizes happiness; believed to discourage betrayal and to encourage friendship and marriage.

Rubies, with their deep red beauty, represent beauty, charity, daintiness, dignity, happiness, love, and passion; believed to have the ability to dispel discord and sadness, to preserve its wearer from false friendships and to warn of imminent danger.

The stunning blue of a sapphire symbolizes calmness, constancy, contemplation, hope, innocence, purity, truth, and virtue; believed to bring its wearer comfort courage, and strength, while pacifying anger, protecting from danger, and fostering constancy in love.

The Sardonyx stone symbolizes diving love, marital happiness, vivacity, and power; believed to endow those born under its influence with honesty and mercy

Topaz represents divine goodness, eager love, fidelity, friendship, gentleness, and integrity; believed to bring its wearer recognition; wealth, and protection from evil

Tourmaline symbolizes courage, generosity, and thoughtfulness; believed to bring its wearer happiness and prosperity.

Turquoise symbolizes earth, happiness, good health, hope, prosperity, and success; considered to be a pledge of friendship when given as a gift.

The Zircon sonte symbolizes respect; believed to be a charm against jealous and theft.