Flower Meanings: The Symbolism of Flowers

Did you that flowers have their own secret code? All flowers have specific flower meanings, which symbolize one feeling or another. When giving flowers as a gift, you'll likely want to take these flower meanings into consideration. Ranging from true love, to friendship, to gratitude, to goodbye. This guide will help you learn the the hidden meaning behind each flower.

Acanthus - art
Agrimony - thankfulness
Almond - hope, watchfulness, and promise
Aloe - grief
Alstroemeria - friendship and devotion
Amaryllis - pride
Apple blossom - hope, good fortune, preference
Arbor vitae - unchanging friendship
Aster - patience, talisman of love
Azalea - take care of yourself
Baby's breath - pure heart, constancy
Bachelor's button - hope and devotion
Balm - social intercourse or sympathy
Balsamine - impatience
Bay wreath - glory
Bee orchid - industry
Begonia - fanciful nature
Bellflower, white - gratitude
Bird's-foot Trefoil - revenge
Birds of Paradise - joyfulness
Black locust - platonic love
Bluebell - gratitude
Blue periwinkle - friendship
Blue violet - modesty, faithfulness
Box - constancy
Broom - humility
Bulrush - docility
Buttercup - riches
Calla Lily - magnificent beauty
Camellia - loveliness, excellence, my destiny is in your hands
Campanula - gratitude
Canterbury bells - gratitude
Carnation - pride, beauty, deep love
Carnation, pink - emblem of mother's day, I'll never forget you, woman's love
Carnation, red - admiration
Carnation, striped - refusal
Carnation, white - pure and ardent love, disdain
Cherry blossom - education, feminine beauty, sexuality, principle and love
Chestnut - do me justice
China Aster - love of variety
China Pink - my heart aches
Chrysanthemum, red - fidelity, love
Chrysanthemum, white - truth
Chrysanthemum, yellow - slighted love
Clover, red - industry
Clover, white - I promise
Cockscomb - affection
Columbine, red - anxious, trembling
Coreopsis - always cheerful
Cowslip - winning grace
Daffodil - chivalry, regard, devotion, unrequited love
Dahlia - elegance and dignity
Daisy - innocence, youth, gentleness
Dandelion - coquetry
Eglantine Rose - I wound to heal
Elderflower - compassion
Fennel - strength
Fern - fascination
Flax - I feel your kindness
Forget-me-not - remembrance, true love
Freesia - innocence
Geranium - gentility
Gerbera Daisy - beauty, thoughts of absent friends
Gladiolus - strength of character
Globe Amaranth - unchangeable, unfading love
Gorse - love in all seasons
Grass - submission
Heliotrope - devotion
Hibiscus - delicate beauty
Holly - foresight, good wishes
Hollyhock - ambition
Honesty - honesty
Honeysuckle - devoted affection, bonds of love, fraternal affection
Houseleek - domestic economy
Iris - my compliments
Ivy - friendship, dependence, eternal fidelity, and matrimony, conjugal affection
Jasmine - grace, elegance
Jasmine, white - amiability
Jasmine, yellow - modesty
Johnny-Jump-Ups - you occupy my thoughts
Jonquil - affection returned
Larkspur - laughter, ardent attachment, an open heart
Laurestine - a token
Lavender - luck, mistrust
Lemon blossom - discretion
Lettuce - cold-hearted
Lichen - solitude
Lilac - first emotions of love, fastidious
Lily, scarlet - high-souled aspirations
Lily, white - purity, majesty
Lily of the valley - return of happiness, purity and humility
Lime blossom - conjugal love
Lisianthus - thoughts, outgoing
Lobelia - malevolence
Love lies bleeding - hopelessness
Magnolia - love of nature
Marigold - affection, pain and grief
Mayflower - welcome
Michaelmas Daisy - farewell
Mignonette - worth
Mimosa - secret love, sensibility
Mint - suspicion
Moss Rose - confession of love
Mullein - good nature
Mums, rose or red - I love
Myrtle - love and remembrance, love positive
Nasturtium - patriotism
Oak Leaf - strength
Oats - music
Olive - peace
Opium Poppy, white - my bane, my antidote
Orange blossom - fidelity, fertility
Orchid - rare beauty
Oxeye Daisy - patience
Pansy - thinking of you, thoughtful recollection
Peach blossom - love's captive
Pear blossom - lasting friendship
Peony - bashfulness, healing
Periwinkle, white - pleasing remembrances
Phlox - sweet dreams
Pimpernel - life change
Poppy, red - pleasure
Poppy, white - dreams
Primrose - young love, I can't live without you
Queen Anne's lace - magic, trust, and healing, steadfast love
Ranunculus - I am dazzled by your charm
Rose - A single rose of any color in full bloom means "I love you." Two roses put together to form a single stem means an engagement. Stem leaves are a symbol of hope.
Rose, red - love, true love, passion, desire
Rose, white - purity, humility, secrecy, reverence, i am worthy of you
Rose, red and white - unity
Rose, pink - grace, gentility, perfect happiness
Rose, dark pink - gratitude
Rose, light pink - desire, passion, joy, youth, energy
Rose, yellow - joy, gladness, friendship, platonic love
Rose, orange or coral - desire
Rose, burgundy - beauty
Rose, lavender - love at first sight
Rose, blue - mystery or attaining the impossible
Rose, red/yellow - happiness, excitement
Rose, red/white - unity
Rose, black - death, hatred, farewell, death of old habits, rebirth
Rosebuds - beauty of love and friendship, youth, and hope
Rosebuds, white - the heart that knows no love
Rosemary - remembrance
Rue - regret
Sage or Salvia - esteem
Sensitive Plant - sensitivity
Snowdrop - consolation of hope
Star of Bethlehem - reconciliation
Statice - sympathy
Straw - united
Stephanotis - good-luck, happiness in marriage
Sunflower - adoration, pure thoughts
Sweet Alyssum - worth beyond beauty
Sweetbrier - simplicity
Sweet Pea - delicate, blissful pleasure
Thistle - independence, nobility
Thorn-apple - disguise
Thyme - thriftiness
Tuberrose - dangerous pleasures
Tulip - declaration of love, passion
Tulip, red - undying love
Tulip, variegated - beautiful eyes
Tulip, yellow - hopeless love
Tulip-tree - fame
Verbena - enchantment, may you get your wish
Violet, blue - faithfulness
Violet, white - modesty and simplicity
Wallflower - fidelity in adversity
Water Lily - purity of heart
Winged Seeds - messengers
Witch-hazel - a spell
Wheat - wealth and prosperity
Zinnia - thoughts of absent friends

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