Flower Meanings: The Symbolism of Flowers

Did you know that flowers have their own secret code? All flowers symbolize specific flower meanings. When giving flowers as a gift, you'll likely want to take these flower meanings into consideration. This guide will help you learn the hidden meaning behind each flower.

Acanthus - art
Agrimony - thankfulness
Almond - hope, watchfulness, and promise
Aloe - grief
Alstroemeria - friendship and devotion
Amaryllis - pride
Apple blossom - hope, good fortune, preference
Arbor vitae - unchanging friendship
Aster - patience, talisman of love
Azalea - take care of yourself
Baby's breath - pure heart, constancy
Bachelor's button - hope and devotion
Balm - social intercourse or sympathy
Balsamine - impatience
Bay wreath - glory
Bee orchid - industry
Begonia - fanciful nature
Bellflower, white - gratitude
Bird's-foot Trefoil - revenge
Birds of Paradise - joyfulness
Black locust - platonic love
Bluebell - gratitude
Blue periwinkle - friendship
Blue violet - modesty, faithfulness
Box - constancy
Broom - humility
Bulrush - docility
Buttercup - riches
Calla Lily - magnificent beauty
Camellia - loveliness, excellence, my destiny is in your hands
Campanula - gratitude
Canterbury bells - gratitude
Carnation - pride, beauty, deep love
Carnation, pink - emblem of mother's day, I'll never forget you, woman's love
Carnation, red - admiration
Carnation, striped - refusal
Carnation, white - pure and ardent love, disdain
Cherry blossom - education, feminine beauty, sexuality, principle and love
Chestnut - do me justice
China Aster - love of variety
China Pink - my heart aches
Chrysanthemum, red - fidelity, love
Chrysanthemum, white - truth
Chrysanthemum, yellow - slighted love
Clover, red - industry
Clover, white - I promise
Cockscomb - affection
Columbine, red - anxious, trembling
Coreopsis - always cheerful
Cowslip - winning grace
Daffodil - chivalry, regard, devotion, unrequited love
Dahlia - elegance and dignity
Daisy - innocence, youth, gentleness
Dandelion - coquetry
Eglantine Rose - I wound to heal
Elderflower - compassion
Fennel - strength
Fern - fascination
Flax - I feel your kindness
Forget-me-not - remembrance, true love
Freesia - innocence
Geranium - gentility
Gerbera Daisy - beauty, thoughts of absent friends
Gladiolus - strength of character
Globe Amaranth - unchangeable, unfading love
Gorse - love in all seasons
Grass - submission
Heliotrope - devotion
Hibiscus - delicate beauty
Holly - foresight, good wishes
Hollyhock - ambition
Honesty - honesty
Honeysuckle - devoted affection, bonds of love, fraternal affection
Houseleek - domestic economy
Iris - my compliments
Ivy - friendship, dependence, eternal fidelity, and matrimony, conjugal affection
Jasmine - grace, elegance
Jasmine, white - amiability
Jasmine, yellow - modesty
Johnny-Jump-Ups - you occupy my thoughts
Jonquil - affection returned
Larkspur - laughter, ardent attachment, an open heart
Laurestine - a token
Lavender - luck, mistrust
Lemon blossom - discretion
Lettuce - cold-hearted
Lichen - solitude
Lilac - first emotions of love, fastidious
Lily, scarlet - high-souled aspirations
Lily, white - purity, majesty
Lily of the valley - return of happiness, purity and humility
Lime blossom - conjugal love
Lisianthus - thoughts, outgoing
Lobelia - malevolence
Love lies bleeding - hopelessness
Magnolia - love of nature
Marigold - affection, pain and grief
Mayflower - welcome
Michaelmas Daisy - farewell
Mignonette - worth
Mimosa - secret love, sensibility
Mint - suspicion
Moss Rose - confession of love
Mullein - good nature
Mums, rose or red - I love
Myrtle - love and remembrance, love positive
Nasturtium - patriotism
Oak Leaf - strength
Oats - music
Olive - peace
Opium Poppy, white - my bane, my antidote
Orange blossom - fidelity, fertility
Orchid - rare beauty
Oxeye Daisy - patience
Pansy - thinking of you, thoughtful recollection
Peach blossom - love's captive
Pear blossom - lasting friendship
Peony - bashfulness, healing
Periwinkle, white - pleasing remembrances
Phlox - sweet dreams
Pimpernel - life change
Poppy, red - pleasure
Poppy, white - dreams
Primrose - young love, I can't live without you
Queen Anne's lace - magic, trust, and healing, steadfast love
Ranunculus - I am dazzled by your charm
Rose - A single rose of any color in full bloom means "I love you." Two roses put together to form a single stem means an engagement. Stem leaves are a symbol of hope.
Rose, red - love, true love, passion, desire
Rose, white - purity, humility, secrecy, reverence, i am worthy of you
Rose, red and white - unity
Rose, pink - grace, gentility, perfect happiness
Rose, dark pink - gratitude
Rose, light pink - desire, passion, joy, youth, energy
Rose, yellow - joy, gladness, friendship, platonic love
Rose, orange or coral - desire
Rose, burgundy - beauty
Rose, lavender - love at first sight
Rose, blue - mystery or attaining the impossible
Rose, red/yellow - happiness, excitement
Rose, red/white - unity
Rose, black - death, hatred, farewell, death of old habits, rebirth
Rosebuds - beauty of love and friendship, youth, and hope
Rosebuds, white - the heart that knows no love
Rosemary - remembrance
Rue - regret
Sage or Salvia - esteem
Sensitive Plant - sensitivity
Snowdrop - consolation of hope
Star of Bethlehem - reconciliation
Statice - sympathy
Straw - united
Stephanotis - good-luck, happiness in marriage
Sunflower - adoration, pure thoughts
Sweet Alyssum - worth beyond beauty
Sweetbrier - simplicity
Sweet Pea - delicate, blissful pleasure
Thistle - independence, nobility
Thorn-apple - disguise
Thyme - thriftiness
Tuberose - dangerous pleasures
Tulip - declaration of love, passion
Tulip, red - undying love
Tulip, variegated - beautiful eyes
Tulip, yellow - hopeless love
Tulip-tree - fame
Verbena - enchantment, may you get your wish
Violet, blue - faithfulness
Violet, white - modesty and simplicity
Wallflower - fidelity in adversity
Water Lily - purity of heart
Winged Seeds - messengers
Witch-hazel - a spell
Wheat - wealth and prosperity
Zinnia - thoughts of absent friends

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