How to Create an Anniversary Time Capsule

If you're looking for a truly creative and romantic anniversary idea to celebrate this year, put together an anniversary time capsule! You'll have fun reminiscing over your year as your put it together and in the future, you'll have fun reminiscing over the memories that you created that year when you open it up!

The first step in creating your anniversary time capsule is to get the time capsule box itself. The idea is to get something sturdy and nice that will last through the years. Try a nice wooden box (perhaps engraved), metal box, or small plastic storage tote. As you collect items for your anniversary time capsule to, keep in mind the size of the container that you've selected.

What to include in your Anniversary Time Capsule

While some stuff may be obvious, such as a photo of the two of you on your anniversary, others may not. Here are some romantic and creative ideas of items to include in your anniversary scrapbook:

  • You may want to include some fun information about your anniversary day in the past. Check out sites like Today in History or's This Day in History. These sites are also useful for gathering important events from your anniversary year that you may not have written down!
  • Include information about the particular day or year, such as a newspaper from your anniversary day, big news headlines from the year, top 40 songs of the year, entertainment news, etc.
  • Photos of the two of you that represent your everyday moments throughout the year. Everyone tends to remember to include the big events from the year, but often it's the everyday moments that bring back the most memories Mementos that you've saved through the year from your relationship.
  • Take photos and include memories of places that you've visited together throughout the year. Don't limit this to just vacations or getaways. Do you have breakfast together every Saturday at a favorite local diner? Include a picture of the diner and some memories of your breakfasts there. Include any local favorites that you frequent here. In 10 years time, when you open your capsule, that favorite diner or other local favorites may longer exist!
  • Have each of you create a list of your favorite things, interests, and activities, both personally and together as a couple. Your interests tend to change over the years and it'll be fun to look back at your favorites from your anniversary year in the future and see how you've changed and grown.
  • Don't forget those photographs and memories from vacations, weekend trips, family visits, holidays, etc of the two of you throughout the year.
  • Another fun idea is to get your friends and family involved! Have an anniversary party and let your guests know that you'll be creating an anniversary time capsule. Invite them to bring along a memento that reminds them of the two of you from this year or a card with their own favorite memories, quote, or hopes for your future are written down.
  • If you're feeling particularly creative, you can turn a lot of these photos and mementos into a scrapbook representing your year instead of storing it all in a box.
  • Each of you should write a letter describing your events from the year including milestones, fun tidbits from vacations, funny missteps, struggles, achievements, etc that you've endured during your 3rd year together. Include your hopes, dreams, and predictions for your future together as well. Not only is this the most important part of your anniversary time capsule, but it'll be fun to go back in 10 years (or whatever time frame you decide on) and read and see how your life compares.
Storing Your Anniversary Time Capsule and Items Inside

It's important that you don't just throw items in your anniversary time capsule, but instead, take care with how they're stored so that they last through the years. Certain things (particularly paper products) can deteriorate over time, so store your newspapers, letters, and photos in acid free envelopes. Other mementos should go into plastic ziploc bags to protect them. Also, steer clear of including things that can ruin the other contents of your time capsule such as items with batteries that will go bad and leak or food/drink items.

Storing your time capsule itself is just as important as the items inside though! Don't actually bury your time capsule as this could easily ruin everything inside. Instead, find a nice storage place in your house (basement, attic, closet, etc) and store them there until ready to open in the future.

And lastly, plan when you'll open your time capsule! If you're doing one for each anniversary, perhaps waiting 10 years is a good idea. Whatever you decide, make sure that you mark it on your capsule box and stick to it! :)