10th Anniversary Ideas: Tin/Aluminum & Diamond

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Time flies when you're having fun! After a decade together, it's time to celebrate your 10th anniversary in style. The modern 10th anniversary gift and 10th anniversary gemstone are both diamonds. They're not only forever, but they're also a girl's best friend. ;) If you want to go the traditional route, then get creative with the traditional 10th anniversary gift idea of tin or aluminum. Read on for creative and romantic 10th anniversary gift ideas.

Traditional Gift: Tin/Aluminum

  • Send her a bouquet of beautiful aluminum roses.
  • Give him a case of his favorite beer or soda (especially for those that are in search of rare flavors!)... or give him a year's supply to be delivered to your house. There's several beer-of-the-month clubs out there to join. :)
  • Get each other bicycle's and promise to ride together once a month as well.
  • Get a bicycle built for two!
  • Get a tin box and fill it with mementos from the last 10 years -- photographs, notes, etc., and include a letter expressing your love of your past and future together. Make the entire box into a mini-time capsule or scrapbook of your 10 years.
  • Surprise your partner with a digital camera and pre-fill it with your favorite photos from the last 10 years.
  • Surprise your partner with a camcorder and pre-fill it with a special 10th anniversary video message..
  • Give him metal-framed sunglasses.
  • While it can be difficult to find, you can usually find tin jewelry such as necklaces, cuff links, or watches. While these aren't necessarily considered valuable, engrave them with your own sentiments and they become invaluable.
  • If you're on a budget, get a selection of movies such as "Tin Cup", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", or "Pushing Tin" and have a romantic movie night together just enjoying one another's company.
  • Get a tin photo frame and fill it with a wedding photo and an updated 10-year anniversary photo that you have taken together.
  • Tin candle holders.
  • Aluminum or tin photo frames with a favorite photo inside.
  • Beautiful tin jewelry from etsy... or design your own!
  • A tea tin for a tea connoisseur and fill it with exclusive or hard-to-find teas .
  • For someone into funky wall art, you can find some amazing, hand-made tin and aluminum pieces on Etsy.
  • Get a tin vase and fill it with 10 daffodils (the 10th anniversary flower).
  • Rent an aluminum airstream trailer and take a week long road trip!
  • If you don't want to give a "tin or aluminum" gift, pick another romantic gift and wrap it in aluminum foil.

Modern Gift: Diamond

  • Give him a watch encrusted with diamonds for him, though this would work for her as well.
  • Upgrade the diamond in her engagement ring. If she's sentimental about the original, incorporate it into the ring as well (two smaller diamonds on either side of the newer, larger diamond) or turn it into another piece of jewelry, such as a necklace.
  • Give her a new anniversary diamond ring with 3 diamonds that represent your past, your present, and your future together.
  • Give him diamond cufflinks.
  • For the techie, a diamond encrusted cell phone case!
  • Surprise them with a Neil Diamond CD or Neil Diamond concert tickets.
  • Take a trip to the Arkansas Diamond Mine Crater where YOU can mine for diamonds yourself! While Arkansas may not sound like the most romantic of places to visit, it's something completely unique and you keep any diamonds that you find. If you're lucky enough to find some, create some custom jewelry pieces to remind you of 10th anniversary celebration!
  • If he's a big baseball fan (think baseball diamond here!), get tickets to game he'd love to attend. If he's been dying to visit a certain stadium, make a mini-trip out of it and surprise him with a game there. If it's not baseball season, check out the baseball Hall of Fame. He'll not only love the sentiment, but the company as well!
  • Any other diamond jewelry for him or her would work well for this anniversary.
  • For the athletes out there, spend a romantic ski weekend together (Think black diamond slopes! Though, we'd recommend avoiding those particular slopes unless you have extensive experience.)
  • Spend a luxurious night together at a AAA 5-diamond rated hotel! Lodgings on their list are reviewed annually and include hotels, resorts, historic inns, B&B's, and more!
  • Splurge on an intimate and romantic dinner at a AAA 5-diamond rated restaurant! Find one nearby or turn it into a weekend getaway.
  • Spend a week cruising the seas on Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess ship, one of the largest in their fleet. The ship features intimate restaurants, nightclubs, and a large number of rooms with balconies, perfect for a bit of nighttime intimacy and stargazing!

Romantic Ideas

  • Relive the past. Re-watch your wedding video, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last year.
  • Take a 10 day cruise together. Many of the cruise lines offer 10 day Hawaiian, Mexican Riviera, or Mediterranean cruises.
  • Spend 10 hours in bed together.
  • Give her ten roses (or daffodils since it's the 10th anniversary flower, or even the flower used in your wedding) to celebrate 10 years.
  • Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her ten small gifts for the tenth anniversary.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Create a sculpture from tin cans. Create a wall decor using spaghetti noodles, aluminum foil, and rustic paints. Shape the noodles into a design. Gently press foil over the design. Then brush paint over the top. It will create a unique picture for your wall.

Flower: Daffodils


Gemstone: Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry