Anniversary Ideas

By Amy Cunningham

As your anniversary approaches each year, the pressure for romance returns. What should I buy? What should we do? Let's face it, just being in love doesn't mean you suddenly become Don Juan, yet that feeling remains. The pressure to come up with a creative and romantic anniversary idea can be stressful. Perhaps that's why the most popular anniversary celebration is a simple, yet romantic dinner out at a restaurant. This year, shrug the pressure off your shoulders and incorporate one of these romantic anniversary ideas into you plans or select a year at the bottom of this page for romantic anniversary ideas for that particular anniversary year. Also at the bottom of the page are links to the traditional anniversary gift list and modern anniversary gift list.

Award Them
Get them a trophy for being the 'Husband/Wife of the Year', 'Best Lover', or 'Sexiest Man/Woman'. Find a unique trophy and engrave it with an extra special anniversary message. Follow up your trophy presentation with a passionate award celebration.

Buy Them a Tie
Remember the scene in 'Pretty Woman' when Richard Gere arrives home to a naked (except for the tie) Julia Roberts telling him that she bought him a tie? Recreate this intimate scene for your anniversary in your own home. Get him a designer tie for a gift and surprise him with it on (and nothing else of course).

Card A Day
Send a different romantic anniversary card, one per day for the number of years that you have been married, with the last card being delivered on your actual anniversary. Add romantic sentiments, love notes or even a love coupon inside each of the cards. For example, if celebrating your 5th anniversary, send four romantic anniversary cards on each of the four days prior to your anniversary and one final anniversary card on the day of your wedding anniversary. You can include thoughts of love, romantic memories from the previous year, or your hopes and dreams for your relationship in the upcoming year.

Cook for Them
You've probably heard that the way to a man's heart is through their stomach but women also love someone cooking for them. Serve him or her with their favorite home cooked meal. If you want to really surprise them, create your own menu filled with aphrodisiacs and serve the meal naked or in lingerie and have the dessert on you literally.

Dance Together
This may be a simple and inexpensive idea, but it's also one of the most romantic. Set the mood in your living room or bedroom by lighting candles and turning off every other light in the house. Add a few fresh roses and rose petals with music playing softly in the background and recreate your first dance from your wedding in an ultra-romantic setting.

Sometimes the key to your spouse's heart is through electronics. Surprise them with a gadget or toy that they've been wanting, but with your own twist of romance. Get them a big screen tv, along with a few movies that you can watch together for at-home date nights. Pick up the new video game system they've been eyeing, along with a game that you can play together! Surprise them with the new smartphone they've been wanting, preloaded with a few sexy photos or videos.

Engrave a gift
Engraving can be a great way to add a personal touch to your anniversary gift, such as an engraved baseball bat if they love baseball. You could go formal with engraved cufflinks or fun with an engraved flask. Replace their wallet with a new engraved leather wallet with a gift card to their favorite store inside. Get a romantic message engraved inside their wedding band. The possibilities are endless.

Flower Power - Give gorgeous anniversary bouquets.Flower Power
Send a floral bouquet to your wife each day leading up to your wedding anniversary for each day that you've been married. If you've been married for five years, send a small bouquet, complete with romantic love note, for each of the four days leading up to your wedding anniversary and then a large bouquet of her favorite flowers (or even a replica of her wedding bouquet) on your anniversary!

Don't send her the standard bouquet of roses. Instead, get creative with your flowers.

  • Leave single red roses all around for her to find. Attach little declarations of love to each stem.
  • Gather rose petals and float them in a warm bath.
  • Throw rose petals all over your bed, light candles, and bring out the massage oils.
  • Give her a flower filled day: fill her car with rose petals or flowers, send her a bouquet at work, and then surprise her with one of the romantic floral ideas for home.
  • Give her a real rose preserved with 24K gold.
  • Send her a bouquet filled with the same flowers that made up her wedding day bouquet.

From the Heart
Notes, cards, or letters written from the heart can touch your spouse's heart. If you really want to make them feel loved and appreciated, write them a love letter or love poem letting them know how much they mean to you and how much you truly love them. You could include a few love quotes as well.

Gift Baskets
You can create your own or purchase gift baskets online. For women, try a spa themed basket filled with lotions, oils, and a gift certificate for a day at a local spa. You could also put together a 'love tokens' basket filled with love notes, quotes, candies, and love coupons redeemable for romantic things. You could even include an engraved pendant as a token of your love.

For men, you could do something like a sports themed gift baskets filled with fun stuff from their favorite team such as t-shirts, caps, and tickets to a game that you'll enjoy together! Better yet, get creative and make a "second honeymoon" basket. Fill it with sexy gifts such as an intimate board game, adult toys, and chocolate body frosting. Include a love coupon book for "favors" down the road.

Give Them Something with a Personal Meaning
This may sound sort of vague, but seek out something unique that represents them, your relationship, or your love for them. Start with a place like, where you can search for unique, hand-made gifts based on keywords that you enter. Find a piece of customized jewelry that represents her or a custom designed photo frame for a favorite wedding photo. You can also find things like gorgeous hand-made cards, framed art, and more.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
This is another easy but super romantic idea. Talk to a local baker and ask them to recreate the top layer of your wedding cake. After a romantic dinner out on your anniversary, surprise your sweetie with the recreated cake, then feed one another the first bite or maybe more.

History Please
Spend a little time putting together a wedding day memory book. Use these free 'day in history' tools (infoplease or to find world events that occurred on your wedding day and use them to create a scrapbook timeline of your wedding day and year. Be sure to add your personal memories and events within your timeline as well.

Just MarriedJust Married... Again
Surprise your sweetie by decorating their car as if you were just married. Fill the car with balloons, confetti, flower petals, etc. Write "Just Married" across the back window and tie a few aluminum cans to the bumper. After you've surprised your sweetie, drive them off to celebrate your wedding night all over again. If you still live near the same area, go to the same hotel!

Pamper Them
Surprise them with a day of pampering at a spa with a massage and all the rest of their pampering desires. Better yet, share in the pampering by surpising them with a sensual couple's massage followed by a romantic dinner out together. Splurge even more and include a romantic night away or a turn it into a complete spa weekend together.

Propose Again
Ask her to marry you all over again. Recreate that magical moment when you nervously asked those life changing words and they said yes. Surprise them even more with an anniversary ring or a larger gemstone in their current engagement ring.

Recreate your First Date.
Recreate your first date, from the moment you asked her out to the nervous kiss on the front step. If possible visit the same locations, but since that's not always possible, plan it out as close as possible. If you went to dinner, go to the same type of restaurant. If you went to a movie, see one in the same genre. While you can get the actions and activities close, remember that the main idea is to recreate that feeling of "new love" that you shared at the beginning of your relationship.

Relive your Wedding Day
Head back to the place where it all began by visiting the place where you got married. Reminisce about the day, walk down the aisle together again, reenact your first kiss as husband and wife. If planned ahead, you could even renew your vows there!

Sexy Twist
Women, this is your version of flower power. Instead of flowers, get several new pieces of sexy lingerie. Surprise your man each night leading up to your wedding anniversary with a new seduction scene. On your anniversary night, throw in an intimate board game, a few sexy toys, and you have the makings of one passionate anniversary night.

Start with Words
Don't skip out on a romantic anniversary card. Put some thought and effort into your words, telling your spouse what they mean to you and how your love has grown through the years. Tell them that you'd marry them all over again. Throughout the day, send them a simple "I love you", "Happy Anniversary", "Just thinking of you", etc text message. Send them some love through Facebook. Get creative by writing them an "I love you" everywhere and anywhere that you can!

Take Turns
The pressure of a romantic anniversary idea shouldn't just fall on husbands. Instead, take turns planning a creative and romantic anniversary celebration. One year you'll do it and then the next year they will. This alleviates some of the pressure of coming up with romantic anniversary ideas and gifts year after year. Pick a restaurant, activity, or even vacation that holds special meaning to the two of you. Handle all of the details and keep it a surprise as the suspense is half of the fun!

Themed Anniversary CelebrationTheme the Day
Take some of the romance pressure off by turning your wedding anniversary celebration into a complete theme. For example, if you choose a tropical theme, decorate the house with tropical decorations, play island music in the background, and get takeout from a Caribbean restaurant, such as Bahama Breeze.

Theme Your Date
Plan a fun-filled anniversary night themed around your wedding year. Incorporate things that were trendy and popular during that year, such as restaurants, movies, and music. For added romance, be sure to give everything a personal touch and you'll end up with a memorable night.

A great anniversary gift is tickets to an upcoming event that they've been wanting to attend such as sports, concerts, comedians, plays, etc. Turn it into a complete night out with all of their favorites (dinner, dessert, etc).

Watch Your Wedding
If you can't actually visit your original wedding location, snuggle up on the couch and watch your wedding video together. For an added romantic twist, surprise your spouse by playing a follow-up video that contains pictures and videos that chronicle all of your significant, important, romantic, and fun moments that you've experienced together since your wedding day.

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